Last update: May 2015

What are cookies?
The website uses cookies. As clarified by the Privacy Guarantee in the FAQ from December 2012 that can be consulted at, cookies are "small text files" -  made up of letters and numbers - "that the websites visited by the user send to the terminal (usually the browser) where they are memorized to then be resent to the same websites upon the next visit by the same user." The function of cookies is to streamline web traffic analysis or signal when a specific website or part of it is visited, to distinguish the visitors to each one in order to provide custom content. They also help administrators improve the website and navigation experience for the users.
We cannot access any other information saved on your device through the cookies, even if this is where the cookies are downloaded. Cookies cannot upload any type of codes, carry viruses or malware and are not harmful to the user's terminal.
All of the information on the cookies installed through this website as well as the indications on how to manage your preferences are given below.

User consent
The site only uses technical cookies. Therefore it is not necessary to request consent from the User.

What type of cookies do we use?
The use of cookies by the owner of this website, Mareno ALI S.p.A., Via Conti Agosti, 231, Mareno di Piave (TV) is part of its Privacy Policy. For all information required by Art. 13 of the Privacy Code, click here.
To allow the use of our site and to deliver our services, we use so-called persistent cookies (cookies that remain in memory until manually deleted by the user or which remain for a long period before programmed removal) as well as the so-called session cookies, which are memorized on the visitor's computer and deleted when the browser is closed.

We use different types of cookies, with specific functions that we can classify as:

(To issue this type of cookie, user consent is not required)    They are indispensable for proper operation of our website and allow the user to navigate and display content. If deactivated, they will cause the website to malfunction.

In general, this type of cookie is needed, for example, to keep a navigation session open or to allow the user to access any private areas. They can also temporarily remember text inserted when filling in a form, when returning to a previous page during the same session.
Technical/functionality (To issue this type of cookie, user consent is not required)    They allow the user to make full use of the website properties and benefit from more enjoyable navigation. The website functions ideally if these cookies are enabled. However, you may decide to not allow their activation on your device.

In general, for example, cookies of this type remember the language the user prefers when displaying our content or remember (for a limited time) the items in the virtual shopping cart if the session is closed before the purchase is completed.

How to configure your terminal
If you are not in agreement with the installation of cookies, you must configure your browser to disable the receipt of cookies or not use this website. By disabling cookies, however, the website or some of its functions may not operate correctly.
To change the cookie use method, to block reception or to delete cookies on your terminal, simply go into your browser setup.
Most browsers provide the ability to accept or refuse all cookies or to accept only certain ones (for example, coming from specific websites). 
Even though they use similar steps, the method varies for configuring cookies for each browser. For details regarding the procedure to follow, the user can visit the website or consult the browser "Help" section.

For more information on cookies and to manage your preferences for third-party cookies, please visit