Mareno & Coquis: contest

Mareno & Coquis: contest

"Young people are humanity’s future wealth"

This is the philosophy upheld by Mareno which has led the company to establish an important partnership with Coquis - Ateneo Italiano della Cucina (Italian Cooking Academy) in Rome.
The school boasts an innovative structure which, with its extensive variety of professional courses, and teaching methods based on both theory and practical experience, makes Coquis the ultimate place in which to learn the art of preparing fine food.
The modern, technological building spans 800 square meters and has 3 large classrooms designed to host cooking classes for aspiring amateur and professional chefs. Each classroom has 16 individual workstations equipped to restaurant standards and these are updated each year to maintain the ultra high standard of training offered to the new chefs. A Pastry, Bread and Pizza workshop, a traditional classroom and a Tasting Room.

The kitchen workstations were designed and produced by Mareno, in collaboration with Top Kitchen (Rome), to enable tomorrow’s chefs to learn a correct working method.

The STAR 70 line chosen for the classrooms at Coquis is ideal for those seeking maximum power in a small space. Flexible and versatile, ergonomic and designed with a careful focus on every last detail.

The Coquis Italian Cooking Academy is renowned in the world of employment as one of the best qualified organizations in the industry. Indeed, it combines a high level of training and many direct contacts with the most important companies to offer its graduates immediate access to a career in the food industry.

For the academic year beginning on 6 February 2017, Mareno has decided to sponsor a course of studies for the most deserving student. To take part in the contest and win the course of studies, aspiring chefs must send their recipe by 25 January 2017 to
The recipes will be assessed based on the following aspects: originality and creativity, presentation and colors of the dish, preparation techniques used, scent, balance, taste, harmony of the palate,wholesomeness of the recipe, concept and texture of the dish.

A jury consisting of Coquis lecturers, journalists and a representative of Mareno Ali will judge the entries and announce the winner.


Mareno & Coquis: contest
Mareno & Coquis: contest
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