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If you expect the best from your work and you show all your passion in your dishes, you will want a kitchen that meets your exact wishes. We make it for you.

Mareno M2

Featuring a one-piece bridge structure, M2 is the solution to situations where the kitchen must be able to guarantee the highest standards of quality. No standardisation, each block is unique and designed together with the chef to be the perfect working tool in every part. Powerful, functional and aesthetically pleasing, it is also perfect for open kitchens. It is no coincidence that the M2 is the choice of several Michelin-starred chefs.

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M2 is the ultimate expression of a professional kitchen: a one-piece structure for maximum hygiene in which you can organise the desired functions as you wish.



Single top and one-piece structure, the guarantee of total hygiene.

What makes monoblocs so popular with chefs? Their unique surface with no joints or seams, of course. In fact, the M2 features a single worktop, where functions are hermetically sealed or welded to the worktop. In addition, we always take great care in positioning each module flush with the worktop to simplify cleaning.


Power Guardian & My Tutor, the energy saving solution.

By integrating Power Guardian & MyTutor into your (electrically powered) kitchen, you can halve the power consumption of your system and therefore save significantly on your electricity bill. You won't even notice it while cooking. What's more, the system puts the system in contact with your service centre whenever you need it.

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More flexibility with M1.

If you like the convenience of a single worktop but don't want to give up the flexibility of a modular kitchen, there's M1. You'll be able to change the layout of your kitchen whenever you need to, while maintaining an excellent level of hygiene thanks to the improved, spill-resistant worktop.

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