Power Guardian & My Tutor

Energy control systems and plant maintenance.

Is it possible to implement, improve and refine an electrical system to such an extent that the disadvantages compared to a gas system are reduced to zero? With Mareno, you can.

Mareno Power Guardian
is an electricity control system.

Mareno Power Guardian allows you to regulate and control the operation of the electrical equipment connected to it, halving the power required for its operation.

MyTutor is a system for monitoring the health of your kitchen equipment.

MyTutor monitors all the machines connected to it and reports faults or malfunctions by means of an alarm. MyTutor is also responsible for scheduling the normal scheduled maintenance of the system.

A connected kitchen is an intelligent, safe and functional kitchen.

This kitchen example contains everything you need to work efficiently in a small restaurant. Taken individually, each piece of equipment consumes a certain amount of energy needed to operate correctly. By operating them together, you can save up to 45% of the installed electricity.

Annual gas and electricity expenditure

23,266 € with a methane gas cooking system

46,448 € with an LPG cooking system

40,912 with a fully electric cooker


MyTutor | Features

S.O.S SERVICE It is possible to send a request for technical assistance directly to the service centre in charge for each piece of equipment on the complete and interactive kitchen plan.

INTERACTIVE GUIDE FOR ORDINARY MAINTENANCE All the equipment installed in the kitchen is mapped. For each machine, the next scheduled maintenance is suggested and the due date is indicated. The system reminds us which activities to do and when to do them.

HACCP AND SELF-DIAGNOSIS OF REFRIGERATED MACHINERY It is possible to monitor in real time the cell temperatures of refrigerated conservatories. Set up to receive a daily temperature report of your refrigerated machines by e-mail!

ELECTRICAL CONSUMPTION CHECKER You can constantly monitor the electricity consumption, power threshold and daily operation of your kitchen. Set up to receive a daily report of your kitchen's electrical absorption by e-mail.

Power Guardian | Features

ENERGY COST Power Guardian allows on average to halve the electric power needed for the kitchen, so the contract with GSE will be much more advantageous.

POSSIBLE BILL INCREASES WITHOUT CONTROL Power Guardian allows you not to exceed the maximum power threshold of the system, so you are sure to keep the price agreed with GSE for each kWh consumed. No more surprises in the bill!

LIMITED ELECTRICITY SUPPLY IN HISTORICAL CENTRES Power Guardian allows on average to halve the electric power needed for the kitchen, so it will not be necessary to downsize the kitchen in case of limited electric supply from GSE. Regardless of the number of appliances installed, the power required by the kitchen will be half!

COST OF THE ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION There is no need for transformer rooms and the electrical installation is much simpler and cheaper.

with MyTutor

Is there a problem?
We intervene immediately

A malfunction occurs. Thanks to MyTutor, it is reported to the service centre. In zero time.

Our Mareno Parts specialist service will dispatch the component within the day of the order. The next day it is at your disposal, ready to be installed.

The service centre takes care of the problem. If you need components that it does not supply, it contacts us to obtain the necessary spare parts.