Whatever your idea of cooking is, with Mareno you can find the right tools to make your dishes. Discover our complete and functional cooking ranges and make them the heart of your kitchen. 

Mareno M1

The new Mareno M1 range concentrates the best technical and technological solutions dedicated to professional cooking in a totally new look. From the worktop with a unique profile in its sector to the new ergonomic knobs, from the lighting of the controls to the improved energy efficiency of all the functions, right up to new levels of hygiene almost comparable to a monobloc kitchen.

Discover the M1 range

M1 is the new benchmark in modular kitchens thanks to its improved ergonomics, functionality and use of space.



Worktop with anti-overflow edge. A distinctive sign.

The new worktop features an unmistakable front design to contain liquids and dirt, making it easier to clean the kitchen. In addition, by joining the machines, an airtight seal can be installed that saves further drips on the sides. Almost like a single top, but more flexible!


Integrated operating lights. A knob that talks to you.

The new M1 knob now integrates operating lights on all electrically powered equipment. Even if you are working on something else or are far away, you will instantly know what is going on around you: ignition, heating, temperature reached or any safety interventions are now clearly visible.

Low Budget? C’è M0.

Simple, yet durable and reliable. The M0 range of cookers is the entry-level proposal designed for situations where you can make do with basic performance and functions without sacrificing Mareno quality and reliability. The modular range covers the main functions typically used in kitchens all over the world.

Discover the M0 range