Reduced space requirements without sacrificing functionality. The result is a surprisingly wide range.

A new level of hygiene.

The gasket, sandwiched between the two adjacent machine heads, stops dirt and liquids.


The Star handle with infiltration protection system allows you to work safe from any sudden spills. The grip is easy, safe and fast even in the most complex services.adjacent, it allows dirt and liquids to be blocked.

Functional compartment bases

You can place the appliances on classic standard compartments or on functional bases, such as the 1200mm refrigerated bases. In addition, some functions can be configured with a static oven base, either gas or electric.


Despite its small size, the 60 series offers modules like the larger series: induction, glass ceramic, 1000 mm frytop and much more.


Thanks to their height, the rear exhaust grilles quickly remove unburned vapours and gases from the worktop, while also acting as a splash guard.