Create your monoblock in 4 steps, choosing aesthetic finishes and technological functions. Our off-the-shelf team will take care of the rest.


Define the dimensions of your kitchen block according to the space you have available.

Complex layouts can also be composed to solve problems on site; such as the presence of pillars that may interfere with the available space.


Define the functions of the monoblock by choosing from the available modules.

You can order the layout freely, taking into account the modularity of 450 and 900.

Integrable functions

Choose from these modules to compose your cooking block.
You will find the type of power supply and the dimensions occupied indicated.

Gas cooker 450 / 900
Gas solid top 450 / 900
Gas WOK 600
Electric cookers 450 / 900
Plancha 2-in-1 450 / 900
Ceramic glass cooker 450 / 900
Induction cooker 450 / 900
Fryer 450 / 900
Multiple 600
Electric food warmer 450
Fry top 450 / 600
Bain-marie 450 / 900
Pasta cooker 450 / 900
Grills 450 / 900


Choose the base units from the various models available, including hygienic or refrigerated base units.

The layout of the base units does not have to follow the layout and modularity of the worktop.


Choose completion accessories compatible with your configuration.

Water column, pan rack, salamander support, electric sockets, dishwasher, minipimer support, pull-out shower.