Fast Casual Food

Fast food does not necessarily mean poor quality food. Our kitchens are designed to enable you to achieve and maintain the quality of your dishes. Every day. Everywhere.

Mareno M+

To make your business work you need two things: quality and speed. Often, however, the two are antithetical. The M+ range, with its specialist equipment, helps you to replicate great food in the shortest possible time, maximising the profitability of your business. Whether your format involves first and second courses, or personalised dishes, it makes no difference: thanks to our cooking blocks, it is possible to set up kitchens capable of replicating the same recipes, supporting the cook.

Discover the M+ range

M+ is the range of specialised solutions for premises and franchise chains where the quality of the dishes on offer must be maintained.



The extra support every cook needs in the kitchen.

To make cooking highly productive and maintain quality, you need the right technological support. Mareno offers automated solutions for pasta cookers, high-performance fryers, powerful and evenly heated frytops and many other pieces of equipment to help cooks, whatever their experience.


Do you have an idea for your business and want to realise it? Contact us.

If the modules presented do not fit your idea of a venue or if you have special requirements, don't worry. Contact us and we will be happy to work together to try and give shape to your ideas.

The convenience of modularity M1.

As an alternative to the M+ range, you can create cooking blocks using the M1 modules, giving you the advantage of a modular kitchen that is flexible, modular and adaptable should your format change over time. What's more, in the event of a malfunction, it will be possible to isolate the machine without compromising the entire kitchen.

Discover the M1 range