Simple, yet durable and reliable.

Discover its main features:

Simple, yet durable and reliable.

M0-70 is the new series of cooking equipment that matches Mareno's good performance and build quality with a very affordable price level.


The essential lines that suit any environment are matched by the functional characteristics of the range: robustness and ease of operation, for occasional kitchens or those with limited budgets.

Economical, but well designed.

The M0 line, although our entry-level series, has been designed to guarantee good performance and a very high degree of reliability. The result is an affordable line, but with technical solutions that Mareno has consolidated over the years of design. 

The functions offered also follow the same line of thought: all the most common appliances are present, such as gas hobs, frytops, fryers and pasta cookers, static and induction ovens.