Hygienic solutions and spacious worktops without non-essential holes or chimneys characterise the M0-70 series.
Practical and Robust.

Iconic silhouette

A simple profile and essential shapes make the M0 series body instantly recognisable. The design is aimed at facilitating cleaning operations. The top covers the front of the controls and the dashboard, preventing liquids from falling in. The structure has a single side panel to guarantee stability and solidity. At the rear, there is technical space for the pipes and cables of the power supply system.



The M0 line comes with a standard open compartment. It can be equipped with a stainless steel door, customised plinth and side panels.

400 & 800mm.

From neutral modules to frytops, from open burners to solid tops: the series is rich in functions offered in both 400 and 800 mm configurations. In this way it will be possible to obtain a cleaner layout, eliminating as many joints as possible and giving continuity to the worktop.


The M0-70 series presents the new function with coplanar cast iron plates. Suitable for indirect cooking, thanks to its peculiarity it allows to easily accommodate or move large pots.


The M0-70 series equipment range includes solutions for both types of power supply.