Improved technical features and innovative technology updates useful and meaningful for every chef.

Pass-through structure

it is possible to work on both sides, using all the power in a small footprint.

In addition, there is no chimney or hole in the top unless it is essential. Electrical appliances, therefore, will have a perfectly smooth surface.


Create the layout of your kitchen by combining Pass Through modules (2 fronts) with Transverse modules (1 front). You can combine different functions or neutral modules to make the most of every centimetre.

One-piece structure, large accessories.

The 110 series has all the characteristics of a large kitchen: 2 mm thick worktop in AISI 304, side panel with one-piece structure, closing heads (optional) and self-closing steel doors (optional). The aesthetic line is taken from the Star series, from which it inherits the knobs and edge radius on the worktop.

Jointing blade = more hygiene, improved installation, easier cleaning.


If you choose only transverse modules, you can compose your own 055 series kitchen! A compact and intelligent solution for situations where space is limited but where you need big power.