More space to work in, easier to install, more hygiene, more ergonomics, as reliable as ever. In the same footprint.

Same footprint, but more spacious.

Space in the kitchen is important and it is never enough. When designing the M1 range, we chose a solution that would allow you to keep the same footprint, but make the most of the space actually occupied by the machines. So now you can have a wider worktop, brought to a standard height of 900 mm, and more spacious base units, so that you can better organise all the tools you need. Comfort & ergonomics.



A worktop that works with you.

Characterised by an unusual and functional profile, the M1 worktop has been designed to simplify the work of every chef and to guarantee the highest level of hygiene. Thanks to the frontal anti-overflow edge, in fact, any liquid or dirt will be contained inside the worktop and will not drip onto the machine and its controls. In addition, a joint gasket has been inserted on the machine sides to retain the same liquids. In this way, an unprecedented hygienic barrier is created.

Joint Gasket

The special sealing gasket, fitted between the two adjacent machine heads, blocks dirt and liquids. 

It is easily replaceable and prevents seepage and dripping of dirt between equipment.

A new level of hygiene.

Anti-spill front edge

The special shape of the table helps to contain liquids and processing waste, preventing them from leaking onto the controls and the rest of the machine. 

Joint Seal + Overflow Edge = Hygiene almost as good as a single worktop.

Rear technical compartment:
No cables in sight.

Thanks to the redesign of the body, M1 is now shaped in such a way as to allow the passage of electrical cables, gas and water pipes and any other cables that need to be passed. Even in the 70 series. In this way, the power supply of your system will always be protected from dirt and accidental damage.

2mm. Improved top thickness.

The thicker the steel, the better. A sturdier top allows you to work without fear of scratches, thermal deformation or excessive weight. We believe that M1-70 has nothing to envy to the 90 series, so we decided to increase the thickness from 15/10 to 20/10.


A knob that speaks to you.

The new Mareno control knob is the result of a careful redesign aimed at improving the ergonomics and usability of the previous version. 

Now it is the real point of contact and interaction between chef and appliance: not only does it allow you to quickly and accurately adjust the set point, but thanks to the integrated operating lights it is possible to understand the main statuses of the machine itself: when it is active; when it is heating; when it has reached the desired temperature and even if a safety system has tripped.