Essenza by Enza Crucinio

Distributor: Omnia Arredi


Four years after opening her first restaurant, chef Enza Crucinio is opening a new restaurant. A lover of tradition, but constantly discovering new culinary cultures and researching new cooking technologies, Lady Personal Chef once again relies on Mareno kitchens.

Functionality and performance

The new back-to-back cooking block allows cooking on both sides and the best possible use of space and workflow. As per the chef's request, we made a pass-through worktop on cabinet base with sliding doors at the front of the cooking block and then added practical stainless steel shelves.

A complete kitchen

A cooking block with gas and induction boiling tops, pasta cooker, griddle 1/3 ribbed 2/3 smooth, and fryer. In addition, neutral elements and refrigerated cabinet. Completing the installation are Power Guardian, which regulates and monitors the operation of the electrical equipment, and MyTutor, which monitors all the machines connected to it, reports any faults or malfunctions and schedules normal maintenance.

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