Les Étoiles:
the Terrace of Rome

Distributor: Top Kitchen


I need a kitchen that is technological and ergonomic, but which also saves energy and gives me control over the costs of the installation.


The choice fell on the Mareno M2, creating cooking monoblocks customised in terms of aesthetics and finish. Where greater control over cooking temperature was required, iChef functions were integrated.

The Tailor-made kitchen
M2 at its best.

Creating a kitchen like Les Etoiles is not an easy task, but neither is it an opportunity that comes along very often. The project involved some technical and technological difficulties, as well as logistical ones: the kitchen is located on the 6th floor of a building in the centre of Rome. If we had simply followed the most convenient route, the choice would easily have fallen on a modular kitchen, more practical to install and move around. However, following the chef's wishes and wanting to ensure an aesthetic result worthy of the view from the window, a custom M2 kitchen was chosen in terms of design and finish, creating a tailor-made suit for an equally unique restaurant. The kitchen features two single-top cooking blocks with matt black painted sides, equipped with refrigerated and H2 base units. Also Mareno is the entire line of preparation and neutral compartments.

The cooking precision of the iChef controls allows you to set precise and repeatable cooking times even in the most complex recipes.

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