Middleton Lodge Estate

Distributor: Grande Cuisine - Scomac Catering Equipment


Renovating the estate's gas kitchen, with lower running costs, and considering the owners' particular concern for the environment.

The challenge

The installation of kitchen equipment always requires special attention, for the perfect functionality of the equipment itself, but also for its aesthetic appearance. However, the building was difficult to access and all the equipment had to be installed and completed during a short holiday break to minimise disturbance to the guests.


"We chose a Mareno suite because we knew it would offer optimal energy efficiency, build quality and reliability."

The format

An all-electric central cooking block with a single worktop, which not only improves workflow and communication between chefs, but also facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

two-zone induction cooker
wo x four-zone plaque cook plates (designed for both pan and direct cooking)
two x double electric fryers
a 100l electric boiling pan
a two-zone ceramic hob
a four-zone electric solid top with oven under
an electric grill
a salamander.
The unit also includes a bespoke end section for hot holding. 

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