A concentration of technology in 2 metres of space. A hygienic work surface. A refrigerated base to keep ingredients fresh and at hand.

There is a recipe for everything.

Large touch screen and a book of simple recipes already installed. You're ready to go right away. In addition, there are several slots to accommodate the recipes you want to create with just a few touches. Set cooking time, temperature in the tank and you're done.

Thanks to the independent and automatic basket lifting system, you can fry even different recipes at the same time. If they are not compatible, the fryer itself will warn you!

Why Fry+?

The combination of machines in the Fry Block provides a highly efficient frying station. In fact, the block combines a fully programmable iFry fryer with automatic basket lifter as standard, capable of excellent and consistent frying results. iFry also incorporates an automatic oil filtering system, to increase its life and therefore profitability. Freshly cooked products can be kept warm thanks to the food warmer with GN 1/1 tray and double heating element (top and bottom).

refrigerated base

The integrated refrigerated base ensures enough space to accommodate the ingredients you need while serving.