A concentration of technology in 2 metres of space. A hygienic work surface. A refrigerated base to keep ingredients fresh and at hand.

Flexibility & Versatility.

To the left is the frytop with a smooth 800 mm chrome plate and a dedicated drain for oil and waste. On the frytop it is possible to cook quickly and safely, or to review and finish the meat or fish previously cooked on the grill on the right side. The grill is equipped with tilting heating elements, which provide access to a basin underneath to ensure the right level of humidity for the meat. However, it can also be used as a holding basin for flavourings, so that food can be flavoured during cooking.


To make your M+ cooking block safe and usable even in close contact with the public, a range of accessories are available to complete it: from the public-side countertop and hood to a system of protective panels in different heights.

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Grill+ is designed to accommodate a preparation and finishing area in the centre of the worktop, working with a frytop and grill on either side. Both appliances often require the cook to check the cooking status of the food, so this is the best solution to ensure efficiency and speed.

From a technological point of view, the thermostat-controlled frytop helps to maintain a uniform and constant temperature, which is ideal for making proper use of the grill sides.
The electric grill, on the other hand, guarantees hygiene and low food residue during service, so that you do not have to suspend cooking to do this.

refrigerated base

The integrated refrigerated base ensures enough space to accommodate the ingredients you need while serving.