A concentration of technology in 2 metres of space. A hygienic work surface. A refrigerated base to keep ingredients fresh and at hand.

Time. Set. Go.

3 simple steps that guarantee replicable quality to your dish. Reduce waste. Ensure guaranteed results regardless of the operator using the machine.

M+ was created for all this.


Bring the kitchen to the forefront. The cooking block is aesthetically finished with attention to detail, and allows you to show off the freshness of your ingredients and the authenticity of your dishes.

Everything at your fingertips.

After cooking the pasta, you need to finish the dish. There are therefore 2 induction woks integrated into the hob, so that a constant work rhythm is always maintained. The ingredients and sauces, which are kept chilled in the refrigerated base, can then be quickly regenerated. The remaining space is ideal for serving.

Done? You're ready to start again.

refrigerated base

The integrated refrigerated base ensures enough space to accommodate the ingredients you need while serving.